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The World's Most

Energy Efficient Home.

Awesome Performance.
90% Electrical Load Reduction.

That is Our Difference.

​     We have Re-Designed. Re-Engineered.

Re-Thought. Re-Built. Re-Tested. Re-Focused.

Our homes now use significantly less energy.
Our homes have no drafts, or temperature shifts.
No outrageous utility bills or large heavy heating and cooling motors.


We have Re-Looked.

Our fuel changed from dirty, expensive gas and oil
to Clean, Free Renewable Energy. ​

Our Goal: Re-Energized the Home.

  ​      Wattle & Daub's is committed to designing and building homes that reduce energy consumption by 70-90%. We design and build to meet Passive House Performance Criteria, Architects 2030 Challenge and all Dept. of Energy High Performance Build Programs.
You get the maximum performance and the highest comfort levels of any home in the world.
From the moment you walk into our homes, you realize this is exactly how a home should perform.
Many have said this is not possible - but it is the 21st Century.  


Living Renewable.

It's about detailed planning, super insulation, high efficiencies and using nature's energy.​ So advanced the difference is remarkable.

That is Our Difference. Explore our strategies to get to Zero Energy.​

#1.Think    Energy
Efficiency at Design.
We start with the orientation by finding true south.

We maximize the sun's power from the start.

​Our home plan design process begins with the compass at the property. Finding the right angle for true south is the first critical step. For the home to have the best power production possible and the esthetics of the design. ​We calculate the size of the roofs needed for the number of panels and design the right pitch. ​​​​Roofs are specifically engineered to support the heavy solar​ panel arrays. This is a major new element we incorporate into the design phase. ​​

Super Insulated Homes

Typical New Homes

An Amazing Comfortable Home.

A home's energy envelope - the walls, foundation and roofing all work together to seal your home from energy loss. Energy loss through walls and the roof system is measured primarily in two forms, air leakage and conductive heat loss. Air leaks allow the heat to escape in the seams of your home and conductive heat loss occurs thorough ineffective insulation.

In the image to the right, blues represent low levels of energy loss, while on the other side of the spectrum, show high energy loss. You can see the drastic difference in the home with a  super sealed envelope.

We Super Seal the Envelope. We Add Fresh Air Ventilation. 

#2. Super   

Seal the


Insulate super tight.

Natural Ventilation to breathe.

​#3. Extremely High-Efficient Equipment.

Significantly higher than Energy Star.

Choosing the Top Tier in Efficiency.

When it comes to the items that use power - we are only integrating the most energy efficient. DC motors, high seer, led lighting, low wattage. We also watch out for items that cause a draw on the power supply. ​ Every watt produced and every watt needed matters.

We Save a Watt Every Where We Can.

​#4 Install Renewable Energy Generation.

The New Energy.​ The Free Energy.

Highly Efficient. Exceptional Value.

Our highly efficient houses, combined with renewable technologies, add up to our Zero Energy Homes. Energy efficient design and quality construction drives the cost of powering a home down by more than 70%. But to reach Zero Energy our homes must incorporate some type of on-site energy generation. Solar power systems for heating water and producing electricity are technologies that are working today.

Wattle & Daub

Living Renewable

Living Free

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