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  It's Here. The 21st Century Home.

Extraordinary Energy Reduction Combined with Solar Energy Production.

Performance and Design Taken to the Next Level.

Living Renewable.  A Bold New Vision.

We call it remarkable. You can call it home.

We stop the leaks, close the holes, eliminate the gas, reduce the concrete, integrate earth's energy, and slash the bills and create a beautiful, quiet, sustainable home.

Lots. Big and Beautiful.

Homesite available.

Select from half-acre to six acre homesites.

Open. Zero Energy Model

Visit and be impressed.

Come see what living with free energy is like.

Existing Homes. Retrofit Solutions.

Solutions for energy savings.

From Insulation to HVAC to Cabinets to Solar Panels.


Hello. We are Wattle & Daub.

We build incredible new homes and fix the old homes right.

Deep Energy Reductions and Beautiful Thoughtful Designs. 

That is Our Goal.

Passive House Certified.

The world's highest energy-efficient standard.

We design, engineer and build to reach this standard.

Over Thirty Years of Building

Been building since the 70's.

From production to custom building. So we know a thing or two.

Target - The 2030 Challenge.

The toughest greenhouse gas reduction standard.

We are achieving this standard today.


Better Buildings. Better Living.

New Homes. Deep Energy Retrofits. Solar Integration. Beautiful Spaces. Happy Customers.


Thinking about buying a new home.

Already have an existing home that needs help fixing.

Want to be part of the new energy era.

Or just want to pick our brains.

We Can Help.​

Thank you for visiting the Wattle & Daub's website. You may request additional information by email or phone.
Building New Homes in Loudoun/Fairfax County. Building New Homes on Our Lots in Ashburn, Sterling, Leesburg, Potomac Falls.

Wattle & Daub
19820 Belmont Ridge Road
Ashburn, VA. 20147
phone 703.729.0858

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